What's Your Story?

Using Your Personal Narrative to Create Better Business

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Your Story Matters

To achieve optimal results in today’s business world, you must create and maintain an environment where everyone can feel comfortable in their workspace and their everyday interactions with peers and management.

But what does that really mean?

Every business is dictated by rules, processes and strategies. But one critical driver that is often overlooked is how we show up as individuals in our respective organizations.

When you bring your authentic self to work through story, you bring those processes and strategies to life, humanizing them and creating environment where your team can thrive:

  • whether it’s a department or an entire company.
  • in a manufacturing plant or a service-based firm.
  • from closely held small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in
a leader’s arsenal.”

- Dr. Howard Gardner, Research Professor, Cognition and Education, Harvard Univ.

Our Approach

Judy and David explore the internal and external forces that make us who we are,
drive how we “show up” in both professional and personal situations, and how bringing
more of ourselves into the workplace creates a strategic advantage.

We’ll balance business needs with a discussion of the power of our individual stories, and how we can use them to improve our work experience, and on a larger scale, the organizations in which we work.

Our Space

Judy and David create a comfortable, engaging atmosphere (virtual or in-person) that invites conversation, a safe place where people can connect as humans without titles or “levels.” 

Make It Yours

We customize the format and personalize the curriculum to meet
your organizational or business needs.  

Leadership Series * Team Building * Off-sites * Keynotes

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The Author and Coach


David Haznaw, Writer & 3-Time Author

“I am driven by authenticity, vulnerability and self-awareness. I use those traits and tools as the basics -- through story -- to influence, inform and entertain individuals and groups, and to inspire them to celebrate the power of their own stories and narratives as they strive to create a better life.”

As a career writer, author and conversational interviewer, David uses stories – his own and those of others – to inspire, influence, entertain and help others realize the power of their own personal narratives in their lives.

David writes, speaks and listens from a base of authenticity, curiosity, and a genuine drive to help others bring their stories to life, for themselves and those around them, and to use those stories to open new doors to growth and success.

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Judy Dejno, Integrative Executive Coach

“I love people. And I love to work with people who are committed to growth because they understand that powerful influence starts with their ability to effectively respond to people and challenges. Each client has unique abilities, desires, and motivation that when identified, can be channeled, allowing them to level up their professional and personal lives.”

For three decades, Judy’s been a coach, and a good one, because frankly, it’s her passion. Her integrative approach allows her to engage, learn, teach, and experience life in connection with her clients. Whether she’s working with executive teams, founders, HR professionals, individuals or athletes, Judy uses her clients’ uniqueness to help them become empowered leaders.